wieght lossWeight loss methods on arms, thighs, buttocks, hips or belly, you do not take it the same way. Whether in power or level of exercise to do, the procedure differs depending on the body part that you want to refine.

“How to lose weight fast?”, ” How to lose weight quickly and effectively?”, ” I want to lose weight fast “,” recipe to lose weight fast “… On the Internet, users’ queries are indicative of a real application: lose weight fast.



However, wanting to lose weight too fast is not an effective solution to refine the long term. In fact, the yoyo effect (weight gain greater than the weight lost during the diet) is never as important after a diet too extreme. For weight loss but reasonable satisfactory, it is recommended not to lose more than a pound a week. Though of course, limit the sweets of any kind during a diet seem like logic, it is not recommended too limiting calorie intake to lose weight. The most effective solution lies in a simple formula: eat more balanced and do more sport.


Many young mothers formulate this request, ” i do not always know how to find the line after baby”. Especially when they breastfeeding and should therefore ensure to keep a balanced diet particularly, diet and breastfeeding not being always mix.


weight loss++Slim arms, stomach or hips: a targeted approach

For weight loss on the arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks or hips, the method used is not the same. Indeed, there are specific exercises to slim arms, different exercises to slim thighs for example. Similarly, foods to eat will be different if you want to slim buttocks or abdomen.

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