5 myths about weight loss

myths about weight loss

I am sure that at least once in your life you have tried to lose weight in vain. We told you to eat less, do more cardio, strength training exercises longer and that this would help you lose fat.

Obviously, this stuff did not work and it is very frustrating. The idea of ​​having a flat abdomen, lean and defined is very attractive and it’s understandable to be disappointed when you are not able to reach.

Here are 5 myths that will help you bring ever closer to your desired physical transformation.


1. Doing low intensity cardio to help lose fat

According to popular belief, this is what is most effective. It comes from the fact that low-intensity burns more body fat as an energy source that sugar in the blood or in the muscle. But what matters ultimately is especially total amount of energy and not only that it is sugar or fat.

If you are able to burn more energy in less time, it seems more logical to do. Make long cardio workouts can be boring and hard on the joints. The training in intervals is a good alternative to reduce the duration of sessions and burn more calories.

Obviously, the intensity is higher, but as I said in why seeks the help of a kinesiologist? , You are much easier to maintain a high intensity when the latter is there to motivate you.

We must also pay attention to training for too long; the body does not use all the fat that is considered available reserves for famine.

Instead of drawing in all its fat reserves, it prefers to use proteins that come from the muscles that are easier to use. So for a person who does not eat enough protein at the base, it can become a problem. As you probably already know, if I reduce my muscle mass, it is likely that I decrease my metabolism and it is the opposite of what I want to do.

Instead, make circuits of bodybuilding!


2. Make a long series of training with small weights helps to burn fat

It is not stupid to think so, but the research did not tell the same thing. Thus lowering the percentage of fat, it is more the total amount of energy expended. By working the muscles with long runs, we work small muscle fibers are weak and don’t have a lot of potential to grow and strengthen. The More fibers are large, the more you have the potential to increase your caloric expenditure. To stimulate these fibers, it is necessary to lift heavier weights.

Obviously, to avoid excessive swelling muscles, made less series and muscles will not grow and will only grow stronger.


3. Being stronger does not help to increase metabolism

A bit like the previous point, the more you are strong, you can recruit more muscle fibers. More muscles you recruit, the more exercise you do will drag.

Obviously, to make movements more quickly, you must ensure that your joints are stable. If this is the case, go for it!


4. Eat less you will lose weight

This is the worst of all! This is totally false! The body made ​​reservations when not eating enough. More eat less cravings and increases the more you rage, the more you fill up on when you’re too hungry. This is what increases the calorie intake


5. Practicing every day is the best way to lose weight

For starters, this technique is a lot of motivation. It is not easy and it causes people to stop much faster. Do you know how many people leave the gym after 6 weeks? 50% of new subscribers!

Subsequently, all train can cause burnout or overtraining. We must let the body time to recover as it was when it rebuilt to improve the system. REMEMBER IT WELL! If the body does not recover well, he is more likely to be sick or get hurt.

Train yourself up to 4 days per week to start and then you will see how your body reacts. If at this time you need to train more because your goals are very specific or hard to reach your kinesiologist will advise you well in this regard.

Otherwise, your program is simply not good!