Losing Weight Naturally

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Over the years, losing weight has been the dilemma of many people, not just the United States but also around the world. In fact, there are currently many medicines of loss and weight control and / or diet available.


However, there has been much negative feedback about most of these diet systems and weight loss medications. Some are not as effective as they claim to be, while others generate very bad side effects. Therefore, people are always looking and still the best solution.


Dietary experts continuously strive to give customers wishing to lose weight the best answer to their problems. And the latest trend has been presented is the natural weight loss. So what is the natural diet? To learn more, I invite you to read the rest of this article.


Lose weight naturally?

Since the methods are natural, weight loss following this procedures is considered healthy and can fully satisfy you. Unlike utopian schemes and programs “almost magic” diet and various medications available today, natural weight loss will teach you how to get rid of those extra pounds in a proper manner. This method will tell you the opposite of what uncertain programs want you to believe you will lose weight if you strictly follow this long-term program.

Now, do not you think it is easier to follow a method that does not promise to turn you into a beautiful model, sexy and very attractive overnight? But what can you really do to lose weight naturally?


Here are some tips:

What and how to eat

It is important that you know whether a certain food on your menu is a potential harm to your system. Learn how to be critical on what you eat. Avoid too much fried and salty. You will see that when discussing a plan or rather a controlled diet, you will not be banned, but you learn to deal with these excesses.


Learn to control your diet

there are a large number of editions, online and on paper, about natural weight loss. Read and learn about everything that is done in this area.


Not not believe in magic

When it comes to losing weight, there is nothing by way of magic. You only need patience and perseverance.


Really, there are many opportunities to be in good shape and enhance your figure naturally. You just need to know the different resources available to you. And after a while, you will feel the difference between commercial solutions and the natural way. And that is simply because eventually you will adapt while still remaining healthy. Yes, you will be healthier because you do not limit yourself.


With a natural method, you do not deprive yourself. You just learn what are the right amount and the right time to eat them. And you know what? Physical fitness is always the promise of losing weight naturally. That’s right; you will worry over weight gain.



9 Effective Strategies for Weight Loss

Strategies for weight loss


Before entering the holiday season and New Year, it is good to think about to remove our unwanted pounds in optical enjoy a minimum of fat and chocolate log, Remains to find the appropriate method. Here is a list of strategies undemanding and proven.


Weigh yourself regularly

There was a time when experts recommended staying away from the scale, because of the potential chilling effect. That time is over: after studying 3500 individuals who lost 30 pounds and maintained their weight for at least a year, research shows that 44% of them are weighed every day. Unhealthy obsession? Not really, they use it as a warning signal to prevent weight regain. If your goal is to maintain a certain weight, it is imperative to have regular feedback to measure your efforts and success.


Turn off the TV

The small screen is not only guilty of holding your inactive on your chair through its commercials make you consume food. New York scientists have recently demonstrated that the simple fact of seeing food causes a physiological response that grows food. According to the study, images of foods cause an increase in brain activity in the brain area related to the acquisition. Advertisements test your limits, be aware.


Beware of small hollow!

Hunger increases the sensitivity of humans to taste the sweet and salty substances, Coincidentally, chocolate bars or chips that are found in all distributors contain just salt and sugar. These snacks will be even better for your palate. The solution: eat regularly during the day helps avoid these cravings.


Almonds against fat

A recent study showed that eating almonds seven times a day helps weight loss. For six months, the patients were American medical center experienced a regime with low calorie almond and reduced their weight by 18%. Almonds are rich in nutrients that provide fiber, protein and good fats which together contribute to the feeling of satiety. Our advice: go for the raw almonds without salt or baking, 15 to 20 and 50 to taste a meal replacement.


Good timing

Long summer days can help you lose weight. The best time to start a diet is the month of May, because the days are longer. This increases your energy level and decreases your appetite. On the other hand, January is the worst time to start a diet. The days are shorter; it decreases your serotonin levels which causes cravings.


Cereal for dinner

A study by Purdue University shows that replacing a meal with cereals promotes weight loss. In one study, participants eating cereal consumed an average of 640 calories per day and lost almost two pounds in two weeks. Of course, forget the intensive cereal with chocolate chips and prefer those with high fiber content associated with reduced fat milk.


Do not fear the needle

Polish researchers doing research on acupuncture and its effects on weight. The results showed that people who had gone under the needle lost five pounds more than those who simply cut their caloric intake. Pressure points on the body, especially the ears, triggering an electrical pulse in the brain that suppresses appetite.


Dairy products, pure allies

A study from the University of Tennessee has shown that people who eat every day the equivalent of 1200 mg of calcium contained in dairy products lost an average of 12 pounds, or 11% of their body weight. The reason is simple: when we are lack of calcium, we are more likely to produce effective and less fat to burn. A tall glass of low-fat milk, yogurt or reduced a small portion of cheese should now be part of your daily life.


Bet on yourself

Men do well when they plan competition, “says nutritionist Joy Bauer New Yorkers. Regime Team Try to boost your motivation. Want you to win the bet and avoid wasting your team. A healthy competition is always out the best in people.



Permanent weight loss

It is possible to lose a lot of weight in a short time. It just depends on the level of motivation you have. We do not learn anything by telling you that it takes longer to lose a lot of weight or to lose little.

weight loss methods


First, establish what is meant by a lot of weight to lose. If for example you need to lose 22 pounds it is not what we have called a lot of weight to lose. If this is your goal, it will not be long, up to one month if you work very hard.

Have a lot of weight to lose starts from 44 pounds. Here we can say that you have a lot of weight to lose. Fastest possible be in about 6 weeks to lose 90% of that weight. The last 10% is often long to lose, but if you’re usually happy to have come this far it will be the least of your worries. In order to properly determine your goal of losing weight, we have two computational tools to recommend, the tool to calculate your ideal weight and another tool to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index).


Tips to lose a lot of weight in a short time


The stuff to reach your goal of losing a lot of weight is to arrange all more than one way to lose weight. We are not talking to conduct two diets front, it is impossible. What we mean is that there are several types of solutions to lose weight. Each does not address the problem in the same way. For example, the diet will make correcting your eating habits so it is playing with the food you eat you will lose weight.


There is also slimming exercise that will make lose weight by spanking physical activity, practicing your favorite sport or fitness in the gym. Then you can lose weight with a diet pill that has mainly a role appetite so you are more likely to eat as often. Regarding the other methods that we call” miracles” as slimming patch or devices with extravagant names that change every year, we don’t mention them because we don’t believe they are good or effective and as you already have their hands full with the other, this is not the time to discourage you with those that don’t really work.


There is a kind of heating belt that is put to the size and claims to make you lose inches in size in 50 minutes. In the presentation they are female models of 20 years who have absolutely no weight problem that demonstrate this. All that this tool you can lose is water sweating. But surprise, drink a glass of water and your body will resume his thumbs because he needs it. Your body needs to be hydrated. Your body fat does not melt like butter in the pan. This is not what we will teach you.


Matching methods to lose a lot of weight in a short time


Back to serious matters. As we will now have indicated the principle, you can choose yourself methods that you match together. It is simply that there is one that runs through the different ways that we have indicated. You need to identify a solution for each of the following types:

  • Diet
  • Slimming exercise or sport
  • Slimming drug or appetite


Regarding slimming creams that are fairly new on the market, we never really had scientific evidence that proves their effectiveness so it’s up to you. But if you read the directions on the product, you will find that weight loss is hoped is not significant. The diet is easy to find free, we give more of our weight loss and exercise is also free and easy to find. For medicine, you can easily find on the Internet or pharmacy.


Drink water to lose weight


It is important to drink plenty of water during your treatment to eliminate toxins from your system. But the old rumor said that we should drink at least 6 liters of water per day is not true. Drink to stay hydrated and do not forget that there is any water in the food and beverages. If you eat a watermelon for example, do not be surprised not to get thirsty, there is 90% of water in the fruit. So, if you are thirsty drink, if it is long that you didn’t drink, drink.


Besides for what is the diet pill, do not take too much. When you get hungry, drink a glass of water, it cuts the appetite. When you have more trouble, go with the pill.

With this tips you should lose up to 6.6 pounds a week. The first or you will lose all of the water pill be faster. The rate of weight loss will not constantly stairs every day, so do not weigh yourself every day, do it once a week, this is encouraging. You now have everything you need to lose a lot of weight in a short time

Weight loss: tips and advices



8 out of 10 women have already tried a diet, and it is a major concern for most of woman. To assess whether weight loss is required, it is necessary to calculate your BMI: we speak so overweight when BMI is between 25 and 30, and obese when it is greater than 30


Adequate food

Food is a key point when you want to lose weight, but beware, it is important to follow a balanced diet that does not sacrifice the health of the subject.

It is balanced and vary their diet, reducing fat intake reasonably and sugars. The diet is a key element of overall health, and it is very important to bring his body all the energy sources they need.


In the case of a plan, it is important not to change her diet drastically or it may go against the objective traumatic body and pushing excessively to store the food it is suddenly deprived.


Practice sport

The second attitude to adopt at all costs is to make regular physical activity. If the item diet is often the first reaction to losing weight, many people do not change their sedentary habits.

It is therefore recommended to perform 30 minutes of physical activity a day to stay healthy and improve the loss of pounds.

Physical activity can be intensive, such as jogging or swimming, but can also very well integrated into the daily routine. Walking briskly, take the stairs instead of the elevator, do housework active can also help reduce body fat.


Medical assistance

When overweight is too large, it is possible to receive medical help to lose weight. In this case, your doctor may recommend a special diet or prescribe medications for weight loss.

Medicinal products subject to medical prescription most effective for slimming are fat burners because they prevent the fats from being absorbed by the body. Medicines for weight loss are prescribed to patients with a BMI indicates that they are overweight or obese.

Loss of sleep can cause instant gain of weight

weght gain

The best way to keep the line might be getting a good night’s sleep, according to a study from the University of Colorado reported by the New York Times.


It’s been several years that researchers have found that adults who slept less than 5 or 6 hours per night are more likely to be overweight. Relayed a new study by the New York Times reports today that the link between the two can be more insidious than we thought before, Lose a few hours of sleep for several nights in a row could lead to weight gain immediately.


Researchers from the University of Colorado have recruited 16 men and women healthy experience for two weeks. The objective was to determine how the lack of sleep over a week – like what might happen when students block for exams or when employees go to bed late to meet a deadline – can affect the weight of a person’s behavior and physiology.

During the first week of study, half of the participants were able to sleep nine hours, while the other half had to stay awake until midnight and could then sleep until 5:00. They all had unlimited access to food. The second week, the roles were reversed.

The researchers, at first, found that staying awake until midnight and sleep only five hours increased metabolism of those surveyed who have burned a hundred calories more per day. But staying awake is not a good way to lose weight. Short sleepers have ended up eating a lot more than others and at the end of the week they took on average one pound.


During the second week study, the group that had previously slept nine hours also gained weight when his sleep was restricted. The other group that was able to rest more began to lose some of the weight gained during the first week, but not all.


The researchers found a change in behavior among those who slept less. Not only leads to sleep late eat more, but also to eat differently. Thus, we tend to eat more carbohydrates, eat less at breakfast and much more after dinner. The researchers also found that lack of sleep disturbed the internal clock as a time difference.