General tips about weight loss

All those who have ever started fighting hard to lose a few kilos know, it is easily lost in the maze of dieting in all genres. Start by friends preferred food diet because although the primary functions of a food, it is recognized that some contain fewer calories than others, they will save you store fat and you will eliminate most easily unsightly cellulite. Take good resolution also opting for a bit of sport and wait….. Sunny days to put your most unabashedly pretty swimsuit!


Vegetables friends

VegetablesAmong the vegetables, zucchini is a great ally to lose weight. It contains little salt and prevents water retention. Sip of water and rich in fiber, it eliminates toxins and facilitates intestinal transit. Devoid of sugars it provides no calories and does not raise blood sugar levels, thus avoiding unnecessary storage of calories.

The melon is rich in minerals has laxative properties ideal for eliminating and avoiding weight gain, in addition, its high potassium promote loss belly. It contains slightly more sugar than zucchini but its glycemic load (blood sugar) is low.


Slimming foods from the sea

food-from-seaDespite its reputation for fatty foods, salmon rich in omega-3 prevents the storage of bad fats and is rapidly eliminated in the body. It has no value and glycemic quickly gives a feeling of satiety.

Other fish thinness, cod! It has a lean meat rich in protein Oxidizing sugars.

Mussel rich in minerals and vitamin B is an excellent food slimming while providing a quarter of daily nutritional intake. A serving of mussels give a boost to your body, allowing a faster burning of calories.

Marine products, in general, are rich in iodine known to regulate the thyroid gland and burn calories.


Meats allied of the line

White meats are generally low in calories meat. The best of them is the calf which contains a very small percentage of sodium. Very meanly calories, calf helps to fight against water retention and promotes weight loss. It provides a quick feeling of satiety and contains no sugar.


Slimming desserts

slimming dessertsYogurt and apple foods are essential to any weight loss diet. Yogurt is rich in calcium helps regain a flat stomach thanks to ferment it. Transit improved intestinal flora can digest perfectly reconstructed. About the apple is rich in pectin, a nutrient acting as an appetite suppressant. Low-calorie, apple eliminates fat and swelling in the stomach, releasing a gel which prevents the formation of lipids. Eaten raw or cooked, the apple is a real stimulant transit.


To lose weight, drink tea!

tea to lose weightThe tea contains no calories and helps to reduce and regulate blood sugar levels. It stimulates the production of insulin, a hormone designed to help the penetration of sugar into the cells. Fewer calories are stored in the body and easily removed. Tea is also rich in polyphenols for fat burning and has diuretic properties to eliminate fat and toxins. Consumed without sugar, tea makes no glycemic value.

It is obvious that the single dose of these foods will not make you lose weight considerably. They only help you to avoid taking too many calories and promote the elimination of fat and toxins. To carry out a diet, they should be associated with a sport to increase your energy expenditure.


A little exercise!

exercisesEat a balanced diet rich in low-calorie foods and do some exercise! If you are not accustomed to the sport, it should exercise very moderately, at least initially. Sport helps you eliminate fat without melting the muscles. The ideal frequency is 3 times a week. The choice of sport is personal taste, some love to run; others indulge in the gym or swim.

The place to start is smooth aqua-gym. It is a very complete sport, for exercise and weight training all body parts. Practiced in an aquatic environment, it prevents overexertion, while the joints are very consuming calories.

It must also be considered part of the body weight is a problem. If you have to lose body fat in the abdomen, it will focus on practice with abdominal exercises that can be done at home or in the gym.

Jogging should be considered with caution. If you have a real problem with weight, overweight combined effort of the race will affect your joints, expect to lose weight just before putting on your jogging!