Permanent weight loss

It is possible to lose a lot of weight in a short time. It just depends on the level of motivation you have. We do not learn anything by telling you that it takes longer to lose a lot of weight or to lose little.

weight loss methods


First, establish what is meant by a lot of weight to lose. If for example you need to lose 22 pounds it is not what we have called a lot of weight to lose. If this is your goal, it will not be long, up to one month if you work very hard.

Have a lot of weight to lose starts from 44 pounds. Here we can say that you have a lot of weight to lose. Fastest possible be in about 6 weeks to lose 90% of that weight. The last 10% is often long to lose, but if you’re usually happy to have come this far it will be the least of your worries. In order to properly determine your goal of losing weight, we have two computational tools to recommend, the tool to calculate your ideal weight and another tool to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index).


Tips to lose a lot of weight in a short time


The stuff to reach your goal of losing a lot of weight is to arrange all more than one way to lose weight. We are not talking to conduct two diets front, it is impossible. What we mean is that there are several types of solutions to lose weight. Each does not address the problem in the same way. For example, the diet will make correcting your eating habits so it is playing with the food you eat you will lose weight.


There is also slimming exercise that will make lose weight by spanking physical activity, practicing your favorite sport or fitness in the gym. Then you can lose weight with a diet pill that has mainly a role appetite so you are more likely to eat as often. Regarding the other methods that we call” miracles” as slimming patch or devices with extravagant names that change every year, we don’t mention them because we don’t believe they are good or effective and as you already have their hands full with the other, this is not the time to discourage you with those that don’t really work.


There is a kind of heating belt that is put to the size and claims to make you lose inches in size in 50 minutes. In the presentation they are female models of 20 years who have absolutely no weight problem that demonstrate this. All that this tool you can lose is water sweating. But surprise, drink a glass of water and your body will resume his thumbs because he needs it. Your body needs to be hydrated. Your body fat does not melt like butter in the pan. This is not what we will teach you.


Matching methods to lose a lot of weight in a short time


Back to serious matters. As we will now have indicated the principle, you can choose yourself methods that you match together. It is simply that there is one that runs through the different ways that we have indicated. You need to identify a solution for each of the following types:

  • Diet
  • Slimming exercise or sport
  • Slimming drug or appetite


Regarding slimming creams that are fairly new on the market, we never really had scientific evidence that proves their effectiveness so it’s up to you. But if you read the directions on the product, you will find that weight loss is hoped is not significant. The diet is easy to find free, we give more of our weight loss and exercise is also free and easy to find. For medicine, you can easily find on the Internet or pharmacy.


Drink water to lose weight


It is important to drink plenty of water during your treatment to eliminate toxins from your system. But the old rumor said that we should drink at least 6 liters of water per day is not true. Drink to stay hydrated and do not forget that there is any water in the food and beverages. If you eat a watermelon for example, do not be surprised not to get thirsty, there is 90% of water in the fruit. So, if you are thirsty drink, if it is long that you didn’t drink, drink.


Besides for what is the diet pill, do not take too much. When you get hungry, drink a glass of water, it cuts the appetite. When you have more trouble, go with the pill.

With this tips you should lose up to 6.6 pounds a week. The first or you will lose all of the water pill be faster. The rate of weight loss will not constantly stairs every day, so do not weigh yourself every day, do it once a week, this is encouraging. You now have everything you need to lose a lot of weight in a short time