Weight Loss Methods: Sport



You want to lose weight with the sport but you don’t know how, by what sports start?

Or if you think it is absolutely necessary to suffer to lose weight, the sport is not for you?


How to lose weight with sport


Should not suffer absolutely with sports!

In fact, these are only ideas that often the media discourage you by showing you a lot of chess with such regimes?

Just have a minimum will be minimal and hard to lose weight with the sport.

It must of course support physical activity with a healthy diet which is very important, you can not only lose weight with the sport.

If you don’t have a balanced diet, the sport will only compensate for the excess that you don’t eat healthily.


Here is a summary of errors when you do not practice a sport:


  • Running and pedaling too fast! You lose more calories by slowing the pace and running and pedaling longer, the longest efforts are the best.


  • Carry too heavy! The reason is the same as running and cycling too fast, wear less and doing more sets during your workout.


  • Do too little exercise per week, 1-2 sessions. It is not enough to lose weight effectively with the sport.


  • Playing sports less than 30 minutes per session, you need at least 45 minutes to draw in fat metabolism and shake up.


  • Take a rest for a day! Your body needs to rest and get used to your new lifestyle, sports prefer one day, a day of rest and so on.


Lose weight with any sport


Sports that can lose weight the easiest and most effective are undoubtedly:

  • All endurance sports: it is cycling, jogging, brisk walking, you increase your heart rate, your body must draw from the reserves to cope with such an effort, therefore you lose calories.


  • Strength training: it allows you to make muscles require more power to meet its needs, it will cause weight loss if you do not eat more than before. With a good program it is easy to dry diet with bodybuilding, it is very common.