Weight loss methods: with lemon

lemonThe lemon diet without deprivation can make you lose 4.5 pounds per week. Before the holiday season, this system is easy to lose a few pounds quickly. If you are over-weight or obese, this diet is not suitable, with diet lemon we continue to eat while finding the line. Lemon eliminates toxins and fats, which allow the digestive system to function better and the body to eliminate waste that congest. Vitamin C also promotes the elimination of fats, gives tone and preserves microbes, it is the ideal diet to winter, since it is the season of citrus. The lemon diet can find the line after the excesses of Christmas and New Year’s Day by removing fat more easily.


Here is the explanation: how to diet to lose weight easily with a free diet that allows you to remove fat and slim belly. This system is less tedious than the cabbage soup diet, because more diversified you normally eat.


Lemon juice stimulates the digestive system; eliminate toxins, while promoting digestion. Lemon also provides vitamin C and other vitamins and trace elements and minerals. If you have cellulite, this is a natural way to combat cellulite with natural cellulite.


For your meals, opt for natural and complete, white meats and fatty fish (marinated in lemon), red meats. If you can’t switch from red meat, make a Carpaccio with lemon of course. Eat as oilseeds, rapeseed oil and olive oil. Prepare salad dressing lemon dressing for salads. Avoid sugar, sweets, cakes and light products and manufacturers. You can afford a square of dark chocolate with your coffee.


Lemon diet for weight loss:

Wake up, drink a lemon juice diluted in water. It is imperative to wait half an hour before eating or drinking for the effects of the lemon act.


Advice for weight loss:

lemon-waterWith meals:

  • Lemon vinaigrette (all on “lemon: golden fruit)
  • Meat and fish marinated in lemon, if you do not like raw fish, cook your fish by putting lemon juice in your dish, lemon chicken is also very good
  • Citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits, tangerines)
  • Mineral water or tea with a slice of lemon
  • Put lemon in your food
  • Aphrodite sauce to eat with salads, cold meats and fish