Wrong Weight Loss Methods

Beware of Fraudulent Weight-Loss ‘Dietary Supplements’Unhealthy ways to lose weight are not only dangerous, but also against-productive. If you successfully lose weight using unhealthy ways, you will regain weight faster when you stop (using this method).

Losing weight is often a difficult process. It takes a good amount of time and a lot of work (eg physical exercises accompaniment), application (eg to follow the method of diet) to lose excess weight that took weeks or years to get up in your body.

A nutritional program and exercise is the only real suitable healthy way to lose weight. The only problem with weight loss is to find the right time. Diet of 1 to 2 lbs healthy takes about 1 week. Ideally, you should not try to lose weight faster than this rate.

But most people do not like the idea of ​​spending between 10 and 20 weeks to weight loss of 22 lbs. They then turn to methods of weight loss that are supposed to be quick and easy but are actually unhealthy ways to lose weight.

So what are the ways to lose weight to avoid? A bad way to lose weight is often based on misinformation such as myths about nutrition. Indeed, the media often praise or advertising of unhealthy ways to lose weight when they are reporting on celebrities or athletes.


1. Use the constant hunger diet

Starve is not fast. Controlled fasting can be healthy and used for purposes such as cleaning and detoxification of the body and is when a body is physically inactive.

Controlled fasting lasts for a specific and limited time, after which a person resumes eating. In a controlled fasting person does not exercise and strictly follow the structured protocol of fasting.

Use hunger constantly implies a restriction of food long term. The body does not get enough calories or nutrients to function properly. When you let your body starve trying to lose weight, you will lose weight in all body compartments, including water, fat, muscle and even bone! Losing muscle and bone is obviously very unhealthy when you want to lose weight, because you don’t normally lose if you make a suitable diet (instead of using hunger diet).


The eating disorder “anorexia nervosa” is characterized by constant hunger self-inflicted by its victims.

The use of hunger lose weight is risking the body undernourishment, then it gets enough calories to function properly. The body also suffers from malnutrition because it is deficient in essential nutrients to function properly.

People who use the constant hunger to lose weight, regain all the weight invariably even more when they return to their eating habits.

Lack of energy is the least serious consequences of constant hunger. It can cause various diseases and a weakened immune system, bone weakness, decreased mental capacity and even shutdown of the body (death) in the long term.


2. Use diet pills to lose weight

Some harmful weight loss drugs have been used to lose weight for many years. In general, unless weight-lossthey are prescribed by a physician credible (they are lawfully on the market), the weight loss drugs are generally unhealthy for people who take them.

Other illicit drugs such as methamphetamine, crack and cocaine have also been used in the past to lose weight.

All drugs that have been used in the goal of losing weight so unhealthy cause different effects in the body. Weight loss that accompanies the taking of illicit drugs is a side effect that comes with other negative effects of the drug.


What is common among all drugs is that when you stop taking it, the body does not receive the medicine. The effect of the judgment of weight loss drugs can cause withdrawal symptoms and most likely a revival of lost weight


3. Use laxatives to lose weight

Laxatives are foods, compounds, drugs or supplements that cause bowel movements or loose stools. Laxatives are sold in the form of pills, suppositories made ​​of powder and tea.

Laxatives were used wrongly to lose weight for many years. The belief is that laxatives can prevent the absorption of food consumed.

The misuse of laxatives can cause problems in the short and long term. In the short term, the problems related to the abuse of laxatives are dehydration and hemorrhoids. The long-term effects include intestinal paralysis, kidney failure, irritable bowel syndrome and even pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas).


4. Purge diet

weight loss methods

Purge is the act of vomiting of food from the stomach directly after eating. Also practiced by some people suffering from eating disorder “Bulimia”, the person who wants to lose weight purging tend to overeat by eating large amounts of food before trying to purge the food from the stomach by vomiting.

People who do not suffer from eating disorders such as bulimia purge used as an aid to weight loss for many years. Purging is often used after meals too large and consists of unhealthy foods.

Purge can lead to many problems including malnutrition is lower because of the nutrients obtained from food is finally purged.

Purge food can cause serious problems in the stomach and esophagus, such as ulcers, tears and ruptures, although more rare, chronic bleeding has been associated with fatal cancer.


5. Smoking for weight loss

Although studies have shown that cigarette smoking increases the rate of metabolism and appetite suppression, the positive effects are insignificant account held negative effects of smoking.

Unless you have lived isolated from the world all your life, you all know that smoking is the cause of 85% of cases of lung cancer. Smoking has many negative effects on the body, not just for the heart and lungs.


6. Wear suits and tracksuits saunas for weight loss

Tracksuits or sauna suits have been used to lose weight for a long time. Weight loss obtained using these clothes are that the weight of water.

These costumes have been used by athletes are required to compete in a specific category of weight, they must reduce their weight for years. Athletes use these clothes to achieve a certain weight solely for competition. After weighing and competition, athletes do not wear these suits to lose weight.

Costumes sauna or sweat can cause serious problems. The least dangerous effects of dehydration and increased body temperature can become very serious if it is out of control.




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